Innovation Leader & Speaker

Aleksandro Grabulov is leading Global Innovations and currently working as a Director of Digital & Connected Products Innovation at Philips USA. In his career, Aleksandro has worked across geographies from Asia, Europe and USA in various innovation roles including both corporate head office in Amsterdam and innovation centers in Europe and USA.

Aleksandro spent many years in his career focusing on pre-development of new cross-category products, ranging from Shaving & Grooming, Kitchen Appliances, Oral Healthcare and Coffee. In his current role at Philips Oral Healthcare, Aleksandro is responsible for global End-to-End Digital Innovation, strategic planning and long term roadmap creation. He also passionately leads the Front-End-Innovation team, responsible for breakthrough/new-to-the-world proposition creation, in addition to the Digital Innovation team focusing on disruptive Digital Trends, Sensors & Algorithms and Connected Health Innovations.

As an entrepreneurial leader of innovation, Aleksandro embraces the changing landscape of today's industry. He takes particular interest in focusing on the Internet of Things and the radical disruption of traditional hardware thinking needed for businesses desiring to innovate in the digital space.  Aleksandro thrives in the ambiguity of this industry change and sees the opportunity ahead in the booming Internet of Everything era. With many organizations struggling to adopt new ways of working, Aleksandro speaks about what it takes to play in the fast paced world of Digital innovation.


Aleksandro is the speaker that brings highly relevant and customized content which is delivered it in an unconventional manner in order to make your next event memorable and actionable. Content is always customized for your specific needs and contains an extensive collage of interactive case studies that will bring key learnings into the light of practicality. 

Aleksandro's speeches are powered by high impact visuals and a mix of videos offering unique movie-like ambiance which brings an engaging and inspiring experience for your audience. Aleksandro focuses on the latest disrupting trends and covers the following topics in his speeches:


Aleksandro is constantly exploring consumer behaviors, their habits and how they impact the new era of product development and innovation in general. A core of his research is the convergence of consumer needs, emerging technologies and behavior patterns, and with a new innovation era upon us, Aleksandro brings a breath of fresh new thinking and insights that have evolved from the digital revolution.  His passion of searching the most effective way of identifying innovation opportunities and translating it in a ready-to-use tools for any innovation team is what makes his research unique and actionable. 

Aleksandro provides not only insights into consumer behavior patterns and how it effects development but also how to accelerate innovation by implementing the right tools. In this way he assists top-performing organizations in disrupting their traditional innovation approach and developing processes that are conducive to the digital revolution and beyond.





Aleksandro is one of the most provocative thinkers and inspiring presenters of this age of disruptive innovation. His unique speeches will truly shake your mind and have you sitting at the edge of your seat.

His experience in digital innovation and his vision for creating context aware ecosystems to drive personalisation using real time data analytics and tapping into unconscious behaviours is provocative and inspiring. Aleksandro’s has unique ability to present complexity with humour and clarity.
— Heli Heartland, Director of Strategy & Collaborations, Applied Works
Unique and inspiring keynote speaker!! Aleksandro’s speech has totally changed our perspective on Innovation in the Age of Digital Revolution
— Executive Committee LVIV IT Conference
Aleksandro’s presentation on using data to drive kids’ tooth brushing is one of the most insightful and applicable examples of big data and the connected home I’ve seen. There’s a brave new world coming when data meets consumer products and Aleksandro is among the lead guard of those figuring it out
— Lynne Thomson, Senior Vice President at TNS Research
Provocative thinker with captivating style! Truly an eye-opener FIVE STARS keynote speaker!
— Unleash Innovation Organization Committee
I had the pleasure of hearing Aleksandro’s captivating presentation at Foresight and Trends Conference. In today’s world, things are moving so quickly, and innovation seems to happen at a dizzying pace... particularly digital innovation. Thanks to Aleksandro’s energizing style, he helped the audiences to make sense of it all. He distilled down what is happening, what it all means, and how to capitalize on it.
— Erica Orange, Executive VP at The Future Hunters
Aleksandro’s impassioned talk and passionate charisma brought to life core ways to ensure innovations succeed at large enterprises. His style, humor, and experience work together to make complex concepts simple for an audience to understand. Truly an amazing speaker and thinker in the innovation field.
— Michael Graber, Managing Partner at Southern Growth