Aleksandros presentation on using data to drive kids' tooth brushing is one of the most insightful and applicable examples of big data and the connected home Ive seen. Theres a brave new world coming when data meets consumer products and Aleksandro is among the lead guard of those figuring it out

- Lynne Thomson, Senior Vice President at TNS Custom Research

Aleksandro spoke at the Back End of Innovation conference in 2014. This impassioned talk and passionate charisma brought to life core ways to ensure innovations succeed at large enterprises. His style, humor, and experience work together to make complex concepts simple for an audience to understand. Truly an amazing speaker and thinker in the innovation field.

-Michael Graber, Managing Partner at Southern Growth Studio: Innovation & Growth Strategy

While serving as co-chair of the 2015 Foresight and Trends Conference in LA, I not only had the pleasure of introducing Aleksandro but also the pleasure of hearing his captivating presentation. In today's world, things are moving so quickly, and innovation seems to happen at a dizzying pace...particularly digital innovation. And thanks to Aleksandro, he helped make sense of it all. He distilled down what is happening, what it all means, and how to capitalize on it. Aleksandro also has a very approachable and energizing speaking style that, I'm sure, many audiences can relate to.

- Erica Orange, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer at The Future Hunters

I enjoyed Aleksandro's speech at the latest Foresights & Trends conference in LA. Aleksandro used Formula 1 as an inspiration for an innovation journey at Philips Sonicare. A great example of integrating the consumer voice throughout the innovation funnel, allowing for an extremely agile process and faster route to market.

 Filip De Boeck, Country Manager US at InSites Consulting

I had the pleasure of attending Aleksandro's speech this year. The work and research behind the launch of the Philips Sonicare for Kids Connected and "Sparkly", exemplifies why brands like Philips are leaders in their industry. By looking at cross-industry trends and new insights for inspiration, Aleksandro and his team were able to bring the playfulness and fun back into our daily routine. Philips uniquely goes beyond the product and that’s the mark of pure brand innovation!

Emily Mitnick, Strategic Account Director at Stylus Media Group