Traditional innovation team set-up is over. It's your turn to transform your department and lead new collaborative innovation

Imagine the situation where you are just appointed as a new Chief Innovation Officer at your company. The single most important task will be to redesign your innovation organization to be competitive for 21st century challenges and guess what, it will likely be one of the key factors in defining the success of your company. The steps you will need to take in order to redesign your organizational set-up and mindset will be challenging however, failure to change and disrupt the current ways may threaten the success of your business.

Re-invent your innovation team set-up

In order to seize the opportunities that lie in the world of digital innovations, your digital innovation team set-up and mindset must be re-invented. Siloed innovation approach is dead, cross-functional innovation approach falls short, so your winning innovation department must evolve for the 21st century- and use a Collaborative Innovation Approach. What is the true meaning of Collaborative Innovation? It is a disruptive approach that increases speed and agileness of the organization by bringing innovation teams together as one entity living and breathing a shared vision. Collaborative Innovation is a new approach which combines the best of cross- functional cooperation of large organizations with the one-room entrepreneurial approach of start-ups. Revolutionizing your team set-up also requires new thinking: think working lean but thinking big, think speed and momentum like never before, think agile and flexible, think meaningful and locally relevant but globally scalable, think digital and connected and lastly think new end-to-end development. Collaborative-innovation is the approach that connects all these factors and most importantly is driven by a strong, connected and collaborative team that acts as a foundation for driving the transformation of your innovation organization.

Urgently adopt new innovation tools

In conjunction to transforming your digital team set-up, the final challenge for your new innovation organization is adopting new tools. Bottom line is simply that whatever you use today to innovate new products is not fast enough, does not go deep enough and does not allow the iterative loops you need to produce a winning proposition. If you find success today, you might be just lucky. One year from now, you will not find that same success. Consumer behavior patterns change rapidly so it's time to evolve with our consumers! The digital world brings many cool products to the consumers but it has also brought many tools that businesses can use to create them! For example, simulated launch experiences where the shopping, purchasing and unboxing experience can be used to help win against competition, optimize design and optimize messaging/claims. With such a tool you can be able to predict very accurately the future success. Another example is real time dashboard data analytics which used pre-launch to actually help design and optimize features and experiences with the product itself. It provides real time updates to the business which agile teams can make decisions off of and implement changes quickly before the product even reaches to paying consumers. This tools goes deep, revels never seen insights and allow business case decisions based on facts rather then assumptions. New innovation tools will allow your team to navigate quicker among unknown user behaviors, but also deliver relevant and superior digital proposition.

There are many tools that help business overcome the complexities and challenges of digital innovation, but it is critical the digital team is set up such that it fosters a mindset of agile and Collaborative innovation.